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Thursday the 24th Portobello West at the Vancouver Home Show

Friday the 25th Portobello West at the Vancouver Home Show

Saturday the 26th Portobello West at the Vancouver Home Show

Sunday the 27th Portobello West at the Vancouver Home Show


For the month of November our West Coast Wall Art will be shown at Meet on Main

Sunday the 3rd St. Thomas Aquinas Christmas Craft Fair

Saturday the 9th Portobello West at the Roundhouse

Sunday the 10th Portobello West at the Roundhouse

Thursday the 14th Christmas at Hycroft

Friday the 15th Christmas at Hycroft

Saturday the 16th Christmas at Hycroft

Sunday the 17th Christmas at Hycroft

Saturday the 23rd Dunbar Holiday Craft Fair


Wednesday the 18th Portobello at Vandussen Gardens

Thursday the 19th Portobello at Vandussen Gardens


Bird on a Wire

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Meet on Main (November 2019)